The 10-minute charcoal grill.

Have you used a chimney starter?

Sit back and relax.

Perfect setup.

The 10-Minute Speed Demo (with our early model)

We started two years ago with an idea in a garage.

One year later we were funded on Kickstarter. Today, after fulfilling our backers, we are making the InstaGrill available to enthusiasts everywhere. Quantities are limited.

All my years of using portable grills, I can honestly say, this is the best lighting grill we’ve ever used.

Patrons of The Pit

The first time I tried it I was surprised at how fast it was to light the charcoal. Seven to ten minutes, easy. I find I am not thinking twice when I have the feeling that I want to grill something. Clean up is easy as advertised. 

Kickstarer Backer #31

This is a great little grill, exactly as advertised. As a prototype first model scenario I am very happy. I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently the charcoal lights and comes to temp. It really is just a couple of minutes. The design mimics a chimney type starter then easily opens into a little grill. We enjoyed brats and 2 steaks on our last campout and my grill took up less space than my sleeping bag. So cool.

Dylan, Kickstarter Backer